Law office providing excellent defense for criminal charges. Affordable rates and payment plans are available. First consultation is free! Ms. Dodson is known throughout Los Angeles County as an aggressive, talented criminal defense lawyer. Her entire practice exclusively is committed to criminal defense.

When selecting the right attorney to represent you, it is important to ask the attorney you wish to hire, who will appear in court for you. Often, you will hire who you consider to be a very experienced lawyer. Many lawyers, however, employ lawyers as associates and those associates will be the lawyers who represent you in court. Make sure you ask the attorney who will appear in court and who will conduct the work on your case. A new associate with no experience or contract lawyers may receive your case and know little about it. Before you sign a retainer agreement, make sure you get it in writing that the attorney you hire will be the attorney who appears on your case. Your defense will also be more effective if the attorney drafting your motions and interviewing your witnesses is the same attorney who argues your case. Ms. Dodsons guarantee to her clients is that she is the only attorney who will complete the work on your case and appear in court for you.

Many defense attorneys sell their services by virtue of the fact that they were former prosecutors. For some reason, this causes clients to feel secure that they must have connections or know something that a lawyer who devoted their entire experience to criminal defense does not. This is simply not true. Just because a lawyer was a former prosecutor does not mean they are well-liked by other prosecutors. Some former prosecutors cite their success rates at trial while they were a prosecutor. Los Angeles County has a conviction rate on average of about 93% at trial. Since prosecutors determine which cases to file against, which cases to dismiss, and which cases to offer a plea bargain so good that a defendant may not want to risk a harsher sentence at trial, they often have the evidence on their side when they decide to proceed to trial. Therefore, it is important to inquire as to their success rate at trial as a DEFENSE LAWYER. Ms. Dodson is extremely proud of her success rate at trial, and will happily tell you what her current success rate is at the time you hire her.

Ms. Dodsons mantra is that a good defense should be available to all people, not just the rich. She keeps her retainers reasonable, so even those with low incomes can retain her services. If you received an outrageous quote from another lawyer, call Ms. Dodson to find out if quality legal services are within your budget. Chances are the representation Ms. Dodson will provide will be equal to or superior than the high-priced lawyer. She offers affordable rates and sometimes will even agree to split the fee into two payments.

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